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PostSubject: READ THESE RULES BEFORE POSTING   Tue May 26, 2009 9:01 pm

Primary Rule: Your post MUST contain what the content is. For example, if you were posting Zeeky H. Bomb by NeoKamek, the title would say this:
"[Char(acter)] Zeeky H. Bomb by NeoKamek"
2nd Rule: I don't care if you made it or not, but you MUST give the author credit in your title.
3rd Rule: Your title HAS TO HAVE at least one picture in it. So if you were posting the Zeeky thing above, you would see this cross-eyed face staring back at you:

4th Rule: The same thing CANNOT be posted more than three times. So that means that if Zeeky was uploaded three times, and you uploaded a fourth one, your post would be deleted. You can upload a review, but you have to put the link of the original post/forum in your review, but not the download link.
5th Rule: This one is very simple. DO NOT POST PRIVATE STUFF HERE UNLESS YOU MADE IT!!!! Let's face it: I don't want to get busted for what YOU did.
That's all I can think of for now. Oh, and when you post something, try and post a download link that leads to a MediaFire file.
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